How it works

Upon booking, we will send you our Welcome and Promotional Pack including template artwork. This will include useful tips and advice to help you organise a successful evening. You will be asked to complete, sign and return certain sections of this pack to secure your chosen date. We will contact you prior to your event to ensure that all is going to plan but you can contact us at any time for guidance – we’re always happy to help!

You raise funds by:

Selling tickets to the show



The commission is also paid to you from the sales taken on the evening – speak to your local representative about how this works in your area.

Remember our service is free and everything you make on the night is yours to keep!! 


What you need to provide and consider

What we provide

Our fundraising fashion show evenings usually start at 7 pm or 7.30 pm and we require access to your chosen venue 2 hours beforehand. This allows everyone ample time to set up and prepare for the evening ahead ensuring that everything is ready when your guests arrive (usually 30 minutes prior to the fundraising fashion show start time).

The fashion show itself will last between 45 and 60 minutes. During this time we will showcase a vast selection of garments from our current range. Our collections always follow the seasons and we have a mixture of classic and fashionable lines to suit ladies of all ages, shapes, and most sizes.
Once the show has finished, we recommend the raffle is drawn should you choose to hold one. From experience, this has proved the ideal time, as the audience is still in one place with their attention focused on the compere. The ladies will quickly become distracted once the shopping begins!
When the compere has finished, the ladies are free to browse through the rails and try the garments on.

We will require space to set up the payment/bagging area in your venue. Usually, this is close to the entrance/exit area. Here your ladies can purchase their chosen garments using either cash or most major forms of debit and credit cards.

Once your guests have left, we will pack up and leave as quickly as possible. Your local team can supply a guideline of timings.

For more information please contact us