What you need to provide

Most importantly you need a suitable venue – this needs to be large enough to seat your target audience and accommodate approximately 20 garment rails (4ft long) with additional space for an accessory table or two. When choosing your venue think carefully about the following:

Is it on the ground floor? It is very difficult to work on upper levels but not always impossible if a large enough lift is available – talk to your local representative before booking.

Access? Is there sufficient parking space for unloading close to the function area itself? We need easy access for moving rails in and out, with the minimum of obstacles, e.g. steps.

Is the venue well lit? You may view the venue during daylight hours but think about the lighting for the evening – will your ladies be able to see the clothes and their colours clearly?

Changing? Does the venue have a private area for the models to change and the audience to try clothes on? Is this area large enough for this purpose?

Seating? Can the venue supply adequate numbers of chairs to seat everyone and also provide tables for raffle prizes, refreshments and our accessories, etc?

Target Audience? A typical audience of 80 ladies or more ensures a good revenue for all concerned plus a lively, fun atmosphere during the fashion show . However, we know from experience that this is not always achievable so please contact your local team regarding minimum numbers for your show.

Models? You will be asked to provide guest models. The number required can vary but usually a maximum of 6. Speak to your local Travelling Trends team for further details.

Catwalk? We do not provide a catwalk and are happy to simply use the floor space provided. If the venue has portable staging then this can be used but often reduces the seating capacity and can prove more work for you.

Refreshments? Nibbles and drinks always prove popular with the audience and are also a great way to raise extra funds.

Raffle? A good raffle is also conducive to raising more funds on the evening.

Mirrors? We do usually bring long length mirrors but a couple more on the night is always useful.